October 9, 2012
Deliverables from Phase 3 now available

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June 6, 2012
Pre-conference presentations available on seminar page!

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February 21, 2012
Tivit Future Internet pre-conference @ 3rd European Summit on the Future Internet, 30.5.2012

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The Future Internet programme

Several present bottlenecks constrict the future progress of the Internet: unwanted traffic, choking of the routing system, mobility and multi-homing, compensation and congestion, privacy and attribution, and trust and reputation. The core theme of the Future Internet (FI) programme is to remove the obstacles from the path towards a smooth and efficient platform that also offers an efficient and transparent market for new innovations and applications.

Main themes

The programme plan is based on the Future Internet Research Agenda. In the first phase, the Future Internet programme focuses on three main themes, namely the health of the Internet routing system, exploration of ways to improve the quality of end-to-end connectivity, and investigation of new ways of information storage and delivery. In the second phase, the research on security was raised to form a new work package.

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The programme looks at solutions with a foreseeable deployment plan in next few years, as well as solutions that require more fundamental changes in the Internet architecture and can be seen as longer term research activities. The programme also applies different methodologies from theoretical analysis and simulation to concrete experimentations in realistic network environments. Further, the programme establishes a testbed that supports the programme researchers by providing basic services and operations for experimental investigation of different networking solutions.

workpackages Structure of the work: There are four work packages focusing on research (WP 1, 2, 3 and 6), while WP4 is dealing with setting up a nation-wide testbed. WP0 includes work on topics that are broder than a single WP, such as trust, mobility, and energy-efficiency. WP5 focuses on dissemination.

International co-operation

The programme actively interacts with the international standardization bodies, such as the IETF, and research activities in EU, China and US aiming to make impact on world-wide Future Internet research and development process.


Ultimately, the impact of the programme will be visible as new business opportunities both for the incumbents and for new entrants to the Future Internet market. Especially the long-term vision of the programme entails a considerable restructuring of the roles of the various layers of the networking and application stacks, which will influence considerably the present market conditions and the positions of various players acting in it.


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