October 9, 2012
Deliverables from Phase 3 now available

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June 6, 2012
Pre-conference presentations available on seminar page!

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February 21, 2012
Tivit Future Internet pre-conference @ 3rd European Summit on the Future Internet, 30.5.2012

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Deliverables from Phases 1-2

D1.1.1  Business model analysis - Mäkelä, A, Warma H, Decros A, Kilkki K, Manner J: Economic feasibility analysis of seamless multi-homing WAN solution, 7th EURO-NF CONFERENCE ON NEXT GENERATION INTERNET Kaiserslautern, Germany, 27-29 June 2011 June11 IEEE explore
D6.3.2.9 Ruohomaa S, Immonen O, Lehtimäki M: Usable security for widget sharing Mar11 PDF
D6.3.2.8 Shen Y, Nurmi P, Ruohomaa S, Lehtimäki M: Understanding Widget Downloading Preferences
Mar11 PDF
D4.2.8. Savola P: Work package 4 results and achievements Mar11 PDF
D4.2.23 Tervonen, J: Policy and Charging Control Functionality with WLAN and PBRM Dec10 PDF
DA6.1.1.2 Särelä M: Technical report on technologies to protect against DDoS attacks Nov10 PDF
DA4.2.5 Huhtanen K, Savola P, Miettinen J: ICT SHOK Future Internet Testbed Service Development Framework Oct10 PDF
DA4.2.6 Huhtanen K (ed.): ICT SHOK Future Internet Testbed Services Oct10 PDF
DA4.2.4 Huhtanen K., Peuhkuri M., Tonteri P: Terminal connectivity enhancement solution (OpenVPN) Sept10 PDF
D4.2.22 Tervonen, J: Offloading Traffic from Cellular Networks with PBRM June10 PDF
DA3.3.4 Heikkinen S. Siltala S: Technical report on system design of introducing non-repudiation to the interaction of communicating partners  



D. 2.1.15 Nurminen J, Ruutu J, Tarkoma S: Conference paper on holistic device-level
energy and power management
May10 PDF
DA4.1.2 Savola P, Miettinen J., Haapala K: Testbed backbone operational procedures v. 2.0 May10 PDF
DA4.1.1 The testbed architecture v. 2.0 May10 PDF
DA2.2.20 Realization of Policy-Based Resource Management Concept Feb10 PDF
DA.1.3.1. Technical report on connectivity challenges and solutions Jan10  
D6.3.2.7 Shen Y: Research report: Reputation system simulation results Dec09 PDF
DA4.1.1 The testbed architecture v. 1.0 Dec09 PDF
DA4.2.3. Huhtanen K. (ed), contributors (in alphabetical order): Haapala K., Miettinen J., Peuhkuri M., Savola P., Suhonen A., ICT SHOK Future Internet Testbed Services 26.11.2009 Nov09 PDF
DA4.2.2 Huhtanen K., Savola P., Miettinen J., ICT SHOK Future Internet Testbed Service Development Framework 27.11.2009 Nov09 PDF
DA2.4.2  Automated PBRM Server Configuration June09 PDF
DA2.2.21 Service-Based Access Selection with PBRM June09 PDF
DA2.4.3 Network Selection Simulations May09 PDF
DA4.1.1 The testbed architecture May09 PDF
DA4.1.2 The testbed operations procedures May09 PDF
DA4.2.1 The testbed connectivity establishment report
May09 PDF
DA2.4.1 Policy-Based Resource Management Dec08 PDF

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